#11 Discussion: Book Malala part 3, you will be analyzing


#11 Discussion: 

Book Malala part 3, you will be analyzing and describing three significant events or ideas from the beginning, middle, and final sections of your book (Book #2), and you will also need to research at least one cultural reference made in the book (a person, place, historical or cultural event, or concept mentioned by your author), and will need to connect this research and your three sections to your book’s overall theme.

The theme is the “Why” of your book, as discussed in the Week #9 Overview Page. What do you think is the main idea your author is hoping to convey by telling their story? What issues or ideas seem to come up repeatedly in their story? What might be their overall purpose or intent? What do the various anecdotes, realizations, thoughts, and descriptions illustrate? Your selected sections should connect around this theme,  message, or idea, and your research on the cultural reference made in the book should also relate to this theme.

In some cases, your author may have provided this main idea at the beginning of the book, in their Introduction. Now, as you reflect back on the book, you’ll need to revisit some of these earlier sections to gather your ideas and “evidence” for the three key sections you present in your analysis, and for any clues the author may have provided all the way along, as to their goal or message or purpose in telling their story. (You should provide some new descriptions and examples in this week’s Discussion, beyond what you have already shared from your book in previous write-ups.)

**Be sure to finish reading Book #2, along with the Week #11 Overview page, before completing the Week #11 Discussion assignment. 

Your write-up should include:

  • At least three key events or ideas from Book #2 (from the beginning, middle, and final sections of the book). (Some of these should be new examples that you have not previously written about.)
  • At least nine quotes from Book #2 (3 from each of the three sections, from the beginning, middle, and final sections of the book).
  • At least two quotes from research on a cultural reference made in the book, and an analysis of how this relates to the book’s overall theme. 
  • A Works Cited list (in MLA format (Links to an external site.)) for all your sources. (You should make sure to use sources other than Wikipedia for your research.)

**You will also need to respond to at least one other student’s post. 

(Approx. 450-500 words; more is fine.)

(All Discussion posts are due by 11:59pm on the due dates.)

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