One of the most important management tasks related to workplace

One of the most important management tasks related to workplace safety is the defining of acceptable risk. What does acceptable risk mean to you?


My name is Rachel , I am from Houston, Texas, and I am studying for my BA in Occupational Safety and Health; and I have attended CSU since May 2020. Currently, I am a Traveling Dental Specialist Supervisor with a corporated company based out of California. I have been a dental assistant since 2008; in 2017, I gained an interest in learning safety when I was a lead assistant for an office. My future career goal is to work in an industry that involves environmental health and safety.

Part II:
My understanding of what an acceptable risk means is a start of a potential hazard that is manageable but as well can be risky if it gets out of control, which can be preventable with the right approach. 

Good luck you guys!

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