Discussion 7B: Poetry In Business Most people can see how

Discussion 7B: Poetry In Business

Most people can see how poetry can highlight people’s creativity and allow people to express their emotions. However, many people many not see the connection of how a knowledge of poetry can apply to professional settings.

To prepare for this discussion board assignment, review the following:

The Benefits of Poetry for Professionals: https://hbr.org/2012/11/the-benefits-of-poetry-for-pro (Links to an external site.)

Why People Need Poetry: https://www.ted.com/talks/stephen_burt_why_people_need_poetry/transcript?language=en (Links to an external site.)

Poetry: Why it is Important: Scott Griffin at TEDxBishopsU:Poetry: Why it is Important: Scott Griffin at TEDxBishopsU (Links to an external site.)Poetry: Why it is Important: Scott Griffin at TEDxBishopsU

Initial Response

After reviewing the articles, discuss what skills are important to understanding and/or writing poetry. Then, give a specific example of how those skills can be used in a professional setting. While some of the readings may have an example, I want you to come up with your own example. Be as detailed as possible.

Responses to Others

Once you have completed your initial response, respond to at least two other persons. What did you learn from their post?

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