Review Section 2.3 of NIST SP 800-37 revision 1 (


Review Section 2.3 of NIST SP 800-37 revision 1 ( to an external site.) and IATF v3.1, Appendix H, (located in your Module 1 Resources folder) and produce a system boundary for an enterprise-level information system.  Be sure to identify the system components within the boundary and any interfaces to external systems (through the system boundary).  If needed, refer to IATF v3.1, Chapter 3 (available in your Module 2 Resources folder) for additional information on system design. 

Your deliverable should be between 3 to 5 pages excluding your title page and reference list.  Use the course assignments template, located in your Additional Resources Folder under the Modules Tab.  Use PowerPoint or Visio or compatible software to produce your diagram. 

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