Back in August 2017, Workforce reported in an editorialized piece

Back in August 2017, Workforce reported in an editorialized piece that Three Square Market, a technology company based out of Wisconsin, asked their employees to consider having a chip implanted. The author of this piece has taken a very radical approach.

There are many articles about this topic all over the Internet. Please select at least two different sources and answer the following:

What reason did the company’s management give to do this?

How did employees take it, and how many employees decided to get the chip?

What advantages does it give both the company and employees to use these implants? Do they have any regrets?

Answer the following as well:

Which topics from class could you identify being discussed here?

There is a country in which inserting chips has become somewhat a normal practice. Can you name it, and list a couple of ways in which they are using this technology?

What do you think about Three Square Market using this strategy?

Would you accept getting a chip implanted? Please justify your answer

Do you have any concerns about this practice? Please explain

Do you think more companies will follow suit?


Remember that the questions above are a guide for your paper. It does not need to be in a question/answer format.

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