1 page, discuss question: How can the manager of advertising

 1 page, discuss question:

How can the manager of advertising sales at Google use flexible budgets to enhance performance?

learning objectives to meet in this discussion:


1 – Identify the role of managerial accounting in decision making, and the basic terms used to present useful information. Differentiate various global perspectives on the management of accounting and contrast them against US companies. 

2 – Compute manufacturing costs of goods sold (cogs) and examine the decision-making process pertinent to job order costing and budgeting analysis.

3 – Perform an analysis of process costing and construct a theoretical framework that provides meaningful analysis for management.

4 – Evaluate the concept of overhead costing and conduct a meaningful analysis of its effect on managerial decisions.

5 – Analyze cost behaviors in relation to sales volume and make ethical managerial decisions that positively affect the bottom line. Recommend strategies for problem-solving related to these decisions.

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