Nutrition Assignment 3 Day Nutrition Journal/Assignment (10%) Please follow all

Nutrition Assignment 

3 Day Nutrition Journal/Assignment (10%)

Please follow all the instructions for the assignment. Missed details will result in lost marks

This assignment will demonstrate your knowledge of nutrition learned from the class.

•  Please follow all the steps

 •  Each step is worth 2 marks!

1st Step- Go to the website and scroll down close to the bottom where it says Daily Needs Calculator.” Please fill it out with your information then click calculate and then print the page and attach to the rest of your assignment.

 2nd Step-Record everything you have eaten for 3 days, including your snacks. Your page should have columns of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and what you drank. There should also be columns for what day you recorded your food intake-Mon. Tues. Wed., etc.…

_•  Please create a table and TYPE this step

3rd Step-Look at the Healthy Plate below that we discussed in class and compare the meals that you have eaten with your 3-day journal. Please explain to me your comparisons in a couple of sentences. E.g.: good, healthy, need to work on better meals, and so forth and why.

•  There is a better picture on the power point from this  Week 10 on moodle.

• Please TYPE your answer for step 3

4th Step-Discuss in a couple of sentences how you will achieve eating better in the future.

_•  Please TYPE your answer for step 4

5th and final step- Complete the picture below to create what is a healthy and realistic meal for you and your stage in life. If you are pregnant, vegetarian or a vegan, please clearly state that for me.

__•  Please use a PEN/MS word for this portion

__•  Also add a healthy drink

__•  Please follow the Eat Well Plate as a guide

__•  You may create your own picture, or you can use the one below.

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