Identify types of selection tests and legal concerns about their


  • Identify types of selection tests and legal concerns about their uses.

Read the case, “Job Analysis and Hiring Decisions at Ovania Chemical,” 


  1. In the case, the committee uses a “compensatory” approach to combining candidate test scores. Given their job analysis process and what you learned about combining predictors in lecture 1 of this module, do you think that the “compensatory” approach is the appropriate approach for combining predictors? If so, explain why. If not, explain what you think they should do differently. **NOTE: Do not discuss diversity or validity issues in response to this question. Focus ONLY on the appropriateness of their method for combining predictors with respect to the job analysis process. See the text for a description of approaches to “combining predictors.”
  2. Using the information provided on page 736 of the case (the table and the text below the table), calculate whether or not the selection process has disparate impact based on race and sex. You may want to refer back to the slides in the Equal Employment Opportunity module regarding disparate impact for examples. In your response, show your calculations and clearly state whether or not there is disparate impact based on race and sex. REWATCH Video Lecture 2 in Module 4 for examples of how to make these calculations!

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