Choose one theory from the Bolton, Hall, and Lehmann (2022)


Choose one theory from the Bolton, Hall, and Lehmann (2022) reading from your studies this week or choose from among other human service theories presented throughout your program. Those additional theories include:

  • Behavioral theory.
  • Change theory.
  • Cognitive theory.
  • Critical race theory.
  • Developmental theory.
  • Functionalist theory.
  • Gender theory.
  • Identity formation theory.
  • Self-efficacy theory.
  • Sense of community theory.
  • Systems theory.
  • Transformational theory.
  • Queer theory.

Address the following in your post:

  • Explain why this theory is most relevant to your research.
  • Summarize the theory’s constructs or propositions which make it well-suited for your research.
  • Does the chosen theory provide for considerations of diversity, equity, and inclusion?
  • Support your discussion with a scholarly reference.

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