Part1 Respond to the following in a minimum of 175


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • How should a health care leader interface with local, state, or nationally elected officials to create a dialogue concerning local health care challenges? Include an example of an appropriate local health care challenge that should be shared with an elected official (or elected officials) and the type of elected official that you would select for this dialogue.
  • What happens when an innovative idea threatens the system that supports the business and the employees? Provide an example in your response.
  • Add references 

Part 2

Response to 3 responses 50 words minimum. Add references to each response.


One healthcare challenge that we are facing is patients not being able to go to doctor’s appointments. They are not able to go as often due to Covid-19 and social distancing. This leader could take the information to the government and request that they be able to implement teledentistry in all health care offices. The officials that I would consider using for the dialogue would be the CDC. Most doctors’ offices are listening to the CDC about the Covid-19 guidelines. They would be the best people to ask health care offices to implement teledentistry. 

If there is not sufficient evidence that the innovative idea will threaten the system, I don’t believe that we can say that it is a threat. Once the innovative idea is in place and we begin to realize that it is a threat to the system we will correct it. If that means going back to the drawing board and fixing any glitches or scrapping the idea completely and creating a new idea. An example of this would be if a new EHR system is introduced and it requires the staff to learn a new system. If that EHR is harder for all the staff to use it as it requires extra steps or it is not user-friendly. 


O ne of the major strategies that a health care leader should have as their goal, is to communicate with all parties that are involved with the organization. By having open and solid communication, this allows everyone involved to have a clear and direct understanding of what goals need to be reached, along with how they intend to reach these goals. Also, a health care leader should be encouraging their staff and showing them exactly how the organization should be run, along with demonstrating teamwork and lead by example. One of the local health care challenges that should be addressed with an elected official such as the mayor or governor is access or lack of that some communities are struggling with on a daily basis. Many smaller communities or rural areas are still traveling outside of their towns in order to see a doctor, which causes them stress because the trip is farther than they want to travel. If there were more clinics or physicians offices in these smaller towns, these residents would get the care they need within a short distance and might be able to get treated sooner, rather than later. 

When an idea threatens the system or organization, this puts stress on the entire facility causing employees to second guess their choice to stay employed and that organization. One issue that I have seen threaten an organization is, making promises to staff and not keeping the promise. By this I mean when managers tell their employees they are going to get raises and the employees have not seen a raise the whole time they have been at the facility and when the employees ask they are told it is not in the budget at that time. Also, telling the employees they are going to come up with ideas to avoid ” burn out”, but instead of following through they continue to ask the employees to work longer hours and extra shifts.



A health care leader should interface a board face to face meeting with all executives and elected officials to discuss the concerning health care challenges. With this board meeting all of the executives and management can discuss the concerning health care challenges and what can be discussed along with discussing the healthcare entities that are facing the challenges and what can be done to improve these challenges. An example of a local health care challenge that I feel as though should be shared with an elected official would be the need for more physicians and nurses there are not enough to handle the load of local hospitals and the need for care. The elected official that I think would need to be addressed I would say would have to be the Chief Executive Officer of the hospitals that are experiencing the shortages in staff, this way immediate action can be taken, and so more physicians and nurses can be hired. 

When an innovative idea threatens the system that supports the business and the employees it can slow down the growth and success of the business. Many organization’s face internal challenges which then hinders the progress of innovation. To provide an example within my workplace currently we are experiencing some challenges of poor organization structure and with this challenge it has held us back from becoming the best organization that we could be, as well as it slowing down the process of us being able to progress. 

Playford, Brendan (2022). 9 Challenges Hindering Innovation in Your Organization.

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