Book review: “The Distance Between Us” by Reyna Grande


Guidelines for a book review: “The Distance Between Us” by Reyna Grande Reviews must include a brief biographical sketch of the author, a brief summary of the book, and a substantial analysis of its contents. INSTRUCTIONS: ****NO DIRECT QUOTATIONS FROM THE BOOK: your writing should reflect your understanding of the book. ****PARAGRAPH 1: ½ page a brief biographical sketch of the author—a background on his/her professional life, awards and publications. *****PARAGRAPH 2 – 3: 1 page summary of the book DO NOT INCLUDE QUOTES FROM WEBSITES OR THE BOOK. *****LAST PARAGRAPHS MUST BE A SUBSTANTIAL ANALYSIS OF THE BOOK AND ITS CONTENTS: The analysis is the heart of the review and its major focus should be the interpretations of the people, places, and events provided by the author. The following questions should be considered carefully as you prepare your review. 1. What appears to be the purpose of the author? 2.What kind of audience is the author seeking? What is the audience’s intellectual level? 3. Why Mexicans come to the United States? 4. What is your opinion on the pull-push factors forcing families to be separated? 5.How has the book affected your understanding of Chicano/Mexican culture and society? 6. Would you recommend it to a friend, a family member? Why or why not.  

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