EN1092 – Coursework: Programming Project

This element contributes 40% to the overall module score. At the simplest level, a BIM model of a building is simply a collection of spaces spread out over the different floors of the building. This is commonly known as the building’s “Spatial Structure”. An example of this is shown below:

This coursework requires you to develop a Matlab application that works with a buildings spatial structure. Your application must:

1. Allow a user to create a new Spatial Model by: • Specifying the number of floors in the building. • Specifying the number of spaces on each floor. • For each space: specify the dimensions (with,height and depth). • For each space: specify the type of space (residential, office, education, toilet or storage). • For each space: specify the x and y coordinates of the space on its given floor.

2. Allow the user to save the designs they create. 3. Allow the user to load designs previously created. 4. Allow the drawing of a floor plan (of individual floors) assuming the x and y coordinates specified are the bottom left hand corner of each space. Additionally you must develop one of the following features. Which you must develop will be randomly assigned to you. 1 1. Allow the user to generate a series of reports including: • The total number of spaces of each type. • The total floor area of spaces of each type. • The volume of each space and each floor. • The total volume of the building. • Calculate the Costs of the building based on inputted cost per areas for different types of spaces. 2. Allow the user to perform compliance checking on the building by implementing the following rules: • A compliance check of the building that makes sure that no floor is bigger that any floor beneath it. • Checking a correct ratio of the different spaces are present in the building i.e. a building does not need twice as many toilets as offices. The user should be able to specify these rules.

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