House Bill Proposes National Nurse

House Bill Proposes national Nurse; Do we need one? As we explore Federal and State law and its relationship to Advanced Practice Nursing, we need to be alert to new issues; or maybe revisited anew issues. A Bill was proposed in Congress to establish a National Nurse. This has been tried and failed before, even though it was shown to have a zero dollar impact (the nurse would be paid from existing funding). Attached is the newly proposed Bill. 1.Does Nursing need this kind of representation at the Federal level ? 2.Pros and Cons 3.What type of candidate would be beneficial in a position like this? 4.Your thoughts . . . Cite 3 sources that are within 3-5 years to answer the above 4 questions.All sources will be verified. Please read the articles attached with the link and answer the above questions with three sources.

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