Data Driven Decision Making Case Study

 Data Driven Decision Making Case Study – 10 points Text: pages 65 – 66 – Chapter 4: Technology for School Leadership Prepare a document that responds to the questions in the case study in the text. This paper will relate to an administrator’s experiences with data-driven decision making. Assume you are the administrator [School Principal] as you answer the questions in the case. Use information from both Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 in your text to substantiate your position. Be sure to think from a “district viewpoint.” Base your responses on the text reading and at least two(2) additional sources. Refer to WC Golden website for one of your sources to substantiate your response. [You should have at least three(3) references for this assignment.] Your response should be comprehensive. Include a title page and a reference page for your case study. Use WCG Resources for: Faculty Development Leadership Development Paper Requirements: FCE title page Body of text 4-5 pages Use references Write in a scholarly manner Proper pagination APA/ FCE format reference page with at least 3 references Make sure your format is correct Paper Outline: Introduction What are your recommendations for district implementation? Can what was accomplished in one middle school be easily adapted to the entire district Support your opinion with research Concerns to be considered Are issues only technological? Are there important personnel considerations? Conclusion

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