Analysis of comic film materials.

Your answer should be in two separate parts of roughly equal length. This assignment is designed to test skills you have developed in the close analysis of comic film materials. You are asked to work on two performer-centred short comedies from the silent era: (1) the two-reel Laurel & Hardy film Wrong Again, directed by Leo McCarey for the Hal Roach company and released by MGM on 23 February 1929.

The film’s story is credited to McCarey, but many of the gags were devised by Stan Laurel and other gag-writers at the Roach studio, with some material probably improvised on set. The film’s working title was Just the Reverse. And: (a) One Week (1920), starring, co-written and co-directed by Buster Keaton, and made for Joseph M. Schenk productions;

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