Statement Implications of globalization for democracy

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2. You will produce a research paper on a topic relevant to course themes (globalization and the state, global governance) 3.You should choose two authoritarian regimes which are in the process of democratization. Evaluate the impact of globalization on two cases where democratization has been enabled. For example, Egypt and Myanmar 4. Your research paper should build on your Topic Statement which is provided below 5. In grading the paper, the following criteria will be used: (a) Is a thesis or argument clearly stated at the beginning of the paper and is the paper organized around that? (b) Does your paper address course themes? (c) Are the counter-arguments to your own position acknowledged and addressed at some point in your paper? (d) Have you drawn on the best possible scholarly and non-scholarly sources in your paper? (e) Have you brought your research up to date? (f) Is your writing clear, engaging, and adequately proofread? 6. Your research paper should be structured as follows (Introduction. Lit review. Theory. Methodology. Findings. Conclusion)

Topic Statement Implications of globalization for democracy I am interested in the positive and negative effects that globalization has brought or would possibly bring in democratizing the states around the world. This topic is important as it will help me in understanding these two concepts Globalization and Democracy and how they influence economic growth as well as promoting global democratic values. The questions that I will be seeking answers to would be – are democratic values of the states diminishing in response to economic globalization? Is global governance heading towards a direction where a new form of global political system being installed rather than traditional concept of democracy i.e., ruled by the people. The research on this topic may even be more important to policy makers as it will help in identifying the both negative and positive implications of globalization and in instituting the best responses to the impacts of economic globalization to promote and to preserve democratic governing system that has been a corner stone for economic achievement of many states.

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