A theater critical review on “King Lear”

THA200 Performance Critique Two (PLAY ABOUT “KING LEAR” INTRODUCTION (and clues for getting a good grade) We want you to know how to apply theater terms to actual plays, so we are asking you to analyze the production you saw in terms of the theatrical vocabulary we have been studying. Besides your use of the vocabulary, we are also looking for certain conventions of formal writing, like in-text citations and MLA-formatted Works Cited page. Lastly, we want to grade you all fairly, so we are asking you to very precisely follow the instructions. In fact, that part is so important, that you will get points just for following the instructions (and get points subtracted for not doing what the instructions require.) If you want to know exactly how we are grading, and how many points for each section, check out the rubric on Turnitin before you submit. Again, everything you need to know is in the guidelines below. Read them carefully. If you have questions, let us know on the Forum site, email us and/or come to office hours. And, don’t forget to proof-read. Good luck! Guidelines: Use the following required format for your critique. Please divide your paper into sections and use the Roman numerals and titles exactly as they appear below. You should use the theatrical vocabulary and concepts we are learning from our text in your answers. Once you have finished with a paragraph, go back and place in boldface all vocabulary words or concepts from the chapter that you are featuring. This might be several words per paragraph, but by all means should include at least one term per answer. Points will be deducted for reports that use laymen’s terms or excessive verbiage to express ideas for which we have learned vocabulary, for failing to place vocabulary in boldface, or for reports that boldface common words instead of theatrical vocabulary. The major objective of this report is to demonstrate your familiarity and facility with theatrical perspectives and “lingo.” Make sure you use our terms and definitions, and make them easy to find in your report!

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