Critique: Pine, B. Joseph II and James H. Gilmore. The Experience

Book: Pine, B. Joseph II and James H. Gilmore. The Experience Economy: Updated Edition Harvard Business Review Press, 2011.

Your paper should include both a summary of the book and a critique of it. Consider how to explain the key ideas, the perspective of the author, and the goal of the book.

In the critique, consider the evidence provided for the ideas, the timeliness of the material, any potential bias, the writing style, and the overall merits of the discussion or argument. Although the paper is your personal and professional judgment, please remember that there is no “I” in graduate research papers. Please share your opinion but write in the objective voice from a third person point of view. The paper only needs to be about five pages, double spaced, with appropriate MLA format, in text citations. No bibliography is needed since you are only reporting on one book, but please provide a detailed citation of the book including publisher, edition (if relevant) and date of publication. Evaluation This assignment will be evaluated on the following criteria: 1. Clarity of the summary 2. Appropriateness of the critique 3. Breadth of the critique 4. Use of evidence to support insights 5. Lack of spelling and grammatical errors 6. Accuracy in using MLA style for documentation

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