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The managed care organization has asked you to put together a spreadsheet that shows a comparison between 3 diseases that are impacting 3 different countries. Because your department will be coming up for an accreditation performance review, this is a good time to start to evaluate data. In recent years, studies have indicated an increase in overall rates for cancer, HIV/AIDS, and obesity.

Use the library, textbook, and the Web site for the World Health Organization (WHO) to research and explain why there is such a profound change in these countries during the time span. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 8–10 slides with speaker notes of 75-150 words not including title or reference pages.

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The increase in overall rates of cancer, HIV/AIDS, and obesity in several countries is a cause for concern. In response to a request from a managed care organization, we have researched and analyzed data from the World Health Organization, textbooks, and other reliable sources to evaluate the reasons for these changes.

There are several reasons why cancer, HIV/AIDS, and obesity rates have increased in recent years globally. One major factor is lifestyle changes such as unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, and smoking, which are risk factors for cancer and obesity. Additionally, the lack of education and awareness about safe sex practices contributes to increased HIV/AIDS rates. Another element is the demographic shift and aging population, leading to a higher incidence of cancer and other chronic conditions. Environmental factors such as pollution and exposure to carcinogens also contribute to increasing cancer rates. Finally, the spread of chronic diseases is linked to poverty, social inequality, and lack of access to affordable healthcare. It is crucial to address the root causes of these conditions through education, early prevention, and public health interventions.

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