Write one paper arguing against the views you reject, and one paper

Select two of the four basic views: Determinism/Compatiblism, Molinism, Simple Foreknowledge, and Open Theism, and write one paper arguing against the views you reject, and one paper defending the view you affirm.

Your REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS Beilby, James and Paul Eddy, Eds. Divine Foreknowledge: Four Views. Downers Grove: Intervarsity Press, 2001. Gundry, Stanley, and Dennis Jowers, Ed. Four Views on Divine Providence. Grand Rapids: Zondervan. 2011. Use footnotes in Turabian style to cite your references, and check to ensure that your paper is free from all grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and syntactical errors. Your papers should be 1,500 words (5 pages of double-spaced text)

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