Component One: Reading Strindberg’s The Stronger

The Paper 2 Prompt can be found on page 60 of your course packet. Assignment 2: Literary Analysis A literary analysis is an argumentative essay that analyzes of a piece of literature. To write a literary analysis, you need to consider a piece of literature from your own perspective. ——————————————————————————————————————— Guidelines This assignment contains four components: reading Strindberg’s The Stronger + reading the article on The Stronger and annotating the article + listening and taking notes from a video + writing a literary analysis • Component One: Reading Strindberg’s The Stronger • For this part, you will read The Stroger. As you read, annotate the paly. • Component Two: Reading the article on The Stronger • For this part, read the article by Egil Törnqvist: • Annotate the article as you read it • You can skim and scan the article • Component Three: Watching the video • For this part, watch the video: • Take notes as you watch the video • Component Four: Writing a literary analysis paper • For this part, you will write an argumentative paper using the above three sources. Address the following question: To which character does the title of The Stronger refer? Who is more powerful? Why? • Your writing should follow MLA conventions

• You are expected to use at least 5 in-text citations from the article, the video and the play • Your writing for this part will be about 1500-2000 words • Your writing argues your point regarding the most powerful character • Consider carefully before writing and support your answer with a reasoned argument and excerpts from your sources. The best way to approach this assignment is to plan.

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