Create your own Constitutional Amendment

Purpose: the purpose of this assignment includes the following:

• To craft a constitutional amendment that furthers an important value crucial to a representative republic and demonstrate understanding of how a constitution differs from a law/policy. • To determine and explain how the three political cultures would view such a proposal considering each culture’s values. • To determine what compromise constitutional amendment might fnd common ground between at fewest two of the three political cultures. Your Constitutional Amendment/Social Responsibility Assignment will require you to submit a typed essay proposing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. For this exercise, you will be creating a proposed constitutional amendment from the perspective of, and consistent with, one the three competing political cultures of the United States, where each culture desires the following public good:

• Individualists seek liberty • Traditionalists favor order • Moralists promote equality After a brief introduction stating your goals, begin your essay by articulating the wording of your proposed amendment. As the Constitution is a document designed to fulfll ideals, you must be able to put in concrete words the change that will achieve a better governmental system. Isolate your proposed amendment as its own paragraph and be very clear. Keep this in mind about our constitution or any other: Elements of a constitution either grant a power to government, prohibit it, or some combination of the two; you are not merely expressing a desire of government to “do something good,” you are seeking to change the powers of government. Poorly-worded example: People should be free to fy around in balloons. A better example: Congress is prohibited from employing any of its powers, constitutional or statutory, to apply restrictions on the creation, commerce or use of lighter-than-air fying vehicles. Two rules for the content of your amendment: 1. You may not deny any state its equal representation in the U.S. Senate, as dictated in Article V. 2. Your amendment may not declare as a right some tangible beneft for which government would be obligated to appropriate funds to provide (e.g. “free” health care, college education, etc.) Your score will be determined by how well you address these elements. The Social Responsibility Rubric is attached to give you clear descriptions of what constitutes addressing each element to earn ratings of poor, fair, good and excellent. To construct a well-organized essay, follow the steps below in order. Make sure to address each question directly and specifcally. The structure and mechanics of your paper are of less importance than your ability to address the issues presented below. Each step includes an (overly brief) example to help get you started in the right direction.

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