Criminal Justice: DNRC Sex Offenders- What risk do the sex offenders


Read the scenario that includes the introduction, background, and case study. After you have read the scenario, read the assignment instructions. Complete the assignment. For the purpose of this assignment, you are playing the role of Major Pratt, who will be making the ultimate decision as to whether the seven registered sexual offenders will be issued credentials to gain access to the secured area inside the American Airlines Arena venue.

After speaking with Ms. Delaney, you were told that the seven sexual offenders were part of a community rehabilitation project headed by the faith-based organization New Persons Ministries of South Florida. Ms. Delaney told you that this organization has the full backing of County Manager Miguel Herrera.You need to research the sex offender treatment programs available to determine if the offenders completed the treatment still pose a risk. In an essay respond to the following questions:  What risk do the sex offenders pose to the attendees of the DRNC?  Is there a significant difference between those individuals on the Sexual Offender List, and those on the Sexual Predator List?  Other than the security issue, what other considerations may play in your decision making process?  After taking into consideration all the information that has been provided to you, what is your decision regarding the credentialing (i.e., allowing access) to the seven registered sexual offenders employed by NPS?

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