Benny goodman

Description 1. Personal information: a. Birthdates (birth/death) b. City/country of birth and death (cause of death) c. Family (husband, wife, siblings, famous relatives, etc.) d. Era of their most prominent work (1920’s, 30’s 40’s, etc.) e. Significant world events during their life f. Major musical works (significant albums, singles, etc.) g. Artist personal instrument (piano, guitar, voice, drums, etc.) h. Significant contribution to music history i. Personal musical legacy j. Controversy 2. Research three (3) major songs of your assigned artist. Give a detailed description of each. The following should be applied to each song: a. Title (subtitle); reason for title b. Year composed c. Genre (New Orleans jazz, Swing, Bebop, Fusion, etc.) d. Ensemble type (small combo, big band, solo piano, etc.) e. Controversy f. Time period of piece within artist/band catalog (1st single released, Billboard Top #100, final album, etc.) g. Musical innovations (electric instruments, turntables, etc.) h. Find a trusted, legitimate, professional performance of the piece online (YouTube), include the YouTube link within your paper i. Listen/watch the piece multiple times (practice engaged listening, not passive listening) j. State your opinion about the piece . Please observe the following paper guidelines: 1. MLA format 2. 3 pages minimum in length 3. One-inch margins 4. Double spaced 5. Times New Roman; 12-point font

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