Which colony is better for a once indentured servant women to settle

1. Allowed to quote from secondary sources; however, use NO MORE than three quotations, your quotes must be no more than two sentences long, and all quotes MUST BE Cited

2. Rule of three thesis statement format and evidence 3. Use only the materials provided in the course or assigned textbook NOTE: This is the only sources to use is americanyawp.com (this is a free online textbook) chapters 1-3 and the primary sources are at the end of each chapter.

PROMPT to write on: You are a poor but respectable young woman, living in 17th century England, out in the countryside. You are intelligent, literate and a good worker but there are no good opportunities for employment at home or even in London. You want more out of life and hope to get ahead in the world. Therefore, you have decided to take your chances as an indentured servant in the English colonies. AFTER your period of indenture, you hope to settle down and get married. Which COLONY do you choose? Why? You must CHOOSE from ONE of the FOUR COLONIES BELOW. (Note: you should consider social, economic, and political reasons and mention how your colony is DIFFERENT/BETTER than the others) 1. Massachusetts Bay 2. Pennsylvania 3. Maryland 4. Virginia

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