CWK70 Context and Guidance

On a construction site, If buckets of waste – or heavy tools, spare materials etc. – need to be dropped to the ground, builders have various options. However, most of the options are slow, expensive and require a power supply. Your task is to design a new option: a mechanism that dispenses a cable and enables a safe and controlled descent of building site items. Requirements The new product must operate without power. It should thus be cheaper, lighter and easy to move around.

You will need to:

Determine: Investigate the problem – are such devices actually in operation anywhere? What analogous products are there e.g. in the climbing market? Are safety standards so rigorous in the UK that the device could only be used in other parts of the world?

Produce a detailed Product Design Specication Develop several alternative concepts of operation and illustrate/explain these Evaluate: Select the best concept and produce a complete CAD model of the device Validate the chosen design with calculations to prove it will fundamentally operate according to the Product Design Spec. Specify and justify the materials specication for key components

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