Simulating the CoEXist Autonomous Vehicles in PTV Vissim 11 software

 Topic: “Simulating the CoEXist Autonomous Vehicles in PTV Vissim 11 software” About the paper: There will be simulations for three types of CoEXist Autonomous vehicles using PTV Vissim 11 software. These vehicles have been designed by CoEXist company, and then they install these vehicles in the newest version of PTV Vissim 11, so the researcher can use these vehicles in simulation for some study. These are the three types of vehicles that will be used in vissim: 1- AV_cautious (CoEXist) 2- AV_normal (CoEXist) 3- AV_allknowing (CoEXist) So, please write about what is CoEXist? How did the do the CoEXist project? How did they design these vehicles of Autonomous vehicles? What are the functions of each vehicles of CoEXist Autonomous Vehicles? How those autonomous vehicles work in PTV Vissim 11? How those vehicles can be used in PTV Vissim Simulations? How PTV Vissim can simulate the CoEXist Autonomous Vehicles? How accurate is the simulations of these vehicles in PTV Vissim 11? How does PTV Vissim simulation works? What are the types of simulations that can be done using PTV Vissim? How does PTV Vissim 11 simulate the Autonomous vehicles using CoEXist vehicles? How is the simulating of CoEXist using PTV Vissim 11 important? What is the importance of these simulations? What can be evaluate in PTV Vissim? For example, queue length, queue delay, and vehicles delay in the roads? How does PTV Vissim 11 simulation works? How to do the virtual testing of autonomous vehicles? How PTV Vissim simulation works? What can be tasted in PTV Vissim 11? The three major things are: Autonomous vehicles, PTV Vissim 11, and CoEXist Autonomous Vehicles project. and how these work together in simulation? Please looks for ( “ORD52019 – CO&AVs” ) for more information Please use very simple words. figures, pictures or tables if needed. Please add the sources page in the end

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