350 Budget Proposal and Defense Instructions

You are required to prepare a budget submission for a federal department or agency. You will research and select a federal department or agency, review previous budget submissions and appropriations, and prepare a budget submission for the current budget cycle, complete with appropriate justifications.


Analysis and Evaluation

25 points

Meets Presentation Requirements

10 points

Basic Content in Place

25 points

Advanced Content in Place

20 points

Format including APA and Works Cited Specifications

10 points

Clarity, mechanics, formatting

10 points



MS Word – cannot be PDF – penalty if PDF or any format other than MS Word.  Professor must be able to download and read the file.  

Separate cover page

Include 3-5 pages of content (not including cover page or references)

One page for sources – must have two separate sources

Include page numbers and headers

Must be well-written – free of grammatical, typographical, and other errors

Single spaced and double spaced between paragraphs


Select the FY 2020 budget request for a US federal entity, including overall amount

Provide justifications/reasons for the budgeted amounts

Must include comparative data (e.g., 2019 and 2020)

Provide details about least five appropriations (funds), providing information about the requested amount, mission/goal (e.g., agency XYZ asks for $10,000,000 for a new building. The building will help in the ___ mission) 

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