pretend that you are the Minister of Health in a low or middle income

For this assignment, pretend that you are the Minister of Health in a low or middle income country and you are writing to the Minister of Finance to convince him/her to invest money the global health issue. Remember you are trying to convince a finance minister – make a case Follow the format in these sample policy briefs: You are required to include at least 2 scholarly sources in your reference lists and for in-text citations. (Please note: You must use APA format, even though the examples on the textbook website use a different bibliographic format.) Your Name Subject of Brief From: Minister of Health, Country To: Minister of Finance, Country Introduction: [In this section – introduce the topic and country health problem, and your proposed solution; overall, this is a general introduction to the topic and policy brief. Approx. 150-250 words] Nature and Magnitude: [In this section – explain the incidence and prevalence of the health issue – how many people die from this or have reduced mortality in the country – is the issue isolated to a region?

How does this country compare with other countries in the region and/or worldwide. Approx. 200-300 words] Affected Populations: [In this section: talk about the specific demographics and consider some possible social determinants of the health issue here – be specific and use data! Approx. 150-300 words] Risk Factors: [In this section – explain the risk factors in the country – do not just pull from webMD or CDC but be very country specific. Approx. 200-300 words] Economic and Social Consequences: [In this section – what is going to happen to the country, economically and socially if this issue is not addressed in a timely manner – ie. What will the impact be on the local health care system? How much will it cost the health care system if nothing is done, or how much will it save the health care system if something is done? What will it do for future generations? Approx. 200-300 words] Priority Action Steps: [In this section – what do you propose? This needs to be a few paragraphs and try to find some examples from within the country of already successful programs or programs from other countries that might be a good model to implement. DO NOT JUST SAY EDUCATION! If you do say education, you need to highlight what the current investment of education is in the country – how should the finance minister fund nationwide educational systems and why would this work? Essentially, you need to find something that is feasible and something that the country can actually afford to manage. Your best bet will be to look for already previously used implementation strategies from other countries and be able to show their success rate and argue that in your country, you too could see similar success. Keep in mind that the Minister of Finance isn’t just going to give you money because you asked for it, you really need to develop a clear argument with lots of data to substantiate it. Approx. 250-500 words] [on a separate page, provide all the references used in the Policy Brief]

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