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Description Success in the business world requires participants to have a good understanding of how companies perform and be able to link analytically the different areas of business such as marketing with finance and strategy, and operation. This is made possible by examining the various ratios based on the financial statements. Therefore, the most important aspect – as well as the goal – of this assessment is the interpretation of ratios. Analyse ASOS’s financials from 2018 and 2017, using the ratios provided in the additional files file. Be sure to report on ASOS’s recent business performance, strategic decisions and financing decisions, and provide a detailed analysis taking into consideration the factors that contribute to the success of the company. Make comparisons year over year (2018 vs. 2017), and conduct further research where necessary to find out why there was a change in the various ratio calculations. (ASOS is a fashion retailer giant headquartered in London). REMEMBER: Use the file uploaded with the provided ratios to inform your analyses and build upon it. The aim is to analyse what each ratio means to the business’ performance, and use external sources where necessary to inform performance assumptions. Here is the link to ASOS’s financial statement for 2018:

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