Business Strategy Case #1 WaysUp


– Watch the first 30 minutes from TWIST episode 497 on Campus Job – Review Campus Job’s website (new name is “WayUp”).

– Write up a two-page document, outline format is fine, that addresses the following questions. – Remember to follow Memo Style. Questions: 1. Customers. a. Campus Jobs aims to help students find jobs that provide experience, pay, and other benefits. If you were running Campus Job, who would be your ideal school and who would be your ideal student to attract to the platform and perfect your service for?

Explain your choice. Make sure to explain the factors you would use to evaluate options and eventually determine who to prioritize? There are many different types of students (year in school, major, interests, skills, benefits sought from working) and many different types of schools (location, number of students, types of students, curriculum offered) campus jobs will eventually aim to serve. But, where should they focus their initial efforts, after all a force is more impactful when it is concentrated. b. Campus Job aims to help companies find student employees and interns. Companies differ according to a number of characteristics (type of job, location, industry, size, etc…). If you were running Campus Job which type of company would you prioritize in your initial emphasis to attract and perfect your service for? Explain your choice. 2. Competitors

a. Identify 3 competitors for Campus Job. Pick one you would want to differentiate from and compete against straight up by providing a unique value proposition.

b. Pick 2 that you would want to partner with to provide more value to students and companies. c. Explain your choices. 3. Campus Job has limited resources. They need to eventually accomplish all of the following: a. Growing college users. Growth with depth (more students from Universities they are currently strong) OR growth with breadth (more students from where they have little to no existing market penetration). b. Growing business users. Grow with depth (loyalty and more use from existing businesses) OR breadth (adding new businesses not currently using Campus Job). c. Adding new services to grow revenue, improve loyalty, and build partnerships. Create a playbook that lays out a plan for how Campus Job should try to grow. The plan can have multiple steps, but set priorities and order the steps chronologically (What should they do first? Second? Third?). Include info regarding how you would evaluate success for each step and determine when you are ready to move on to the next step.

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