How has social media influenced the growth of domestic terrorism in

I. Social Media and Homegrown terrorism II. What role does Social Media Companies play in the spread of terrorism A. The fundamental design of social media. III. International Terrorism and social media/Included international terrorism so we can see how it play a significant role in the growth of domestic terrorism by its recruitment tactics within the U.S. A. The Role of Social Media in the Evolution of Al-Qaeda-Inspired Terrorism IV. Digital Evidence and the U.S. Criminal Justice System A. Social Media surveillance and Law Enforcement V. Social Network and the 4th Amendment VI. Federal Statutes pertaining to Social Media A. Electronic Communication Privacy Act (ECPA):

B. Stored Communications Act C. Pen Register and Trap and Trace D. Privacy Protection Act VII. Case Law and Social Media Investigations A. Moroccanoil V. Marc Anthony Cosmetics B. State of Connecticut V. Eleck C. Rene vs State of Texas D. Tienda vs State of Texas E. United States vs. VAyner F. Commonwealth vs Banas

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