how Sullivan’s explanation for the opioid crisis is different from

 Patrick Radden Keefe has a very clear sense that the responsibility for the opioid crisis currently raging in the United States can be laid squarely at the door of the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma. Sullivan’s theory is a striking contrast to Keefe’s analysis. In a discussion post of 400 words (minimum; there is no maximum), please compare the two theories and explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS how Sullivan’s explanation for the opioid crisis is different from Keefe’s. (This means that you will accurately summarize Sullivan’s key ideas about the cause of the crisis, and THEN explain how this differs from Keefe’s.) Avoid lengthy quotations from either author. Your post points will depend on the accuracy of your own explanation and comparison between the two authors’ theories. The post will demonstrate your understanding of the two authors’ reasoning. Source 1: A Reporter at Large October 30, 2017 Issue The Family That Built an Empire of Pain By Patrick Radden Keefe 2: The Poison We Pick By Andrew Sullivan

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