Instructions 4910 week 4

Create a PowerPoint® slide deck appropriate for presentation to a professional audience and delivery over the Internet. Please carefully look over the Grading Rubric to make sure not to miss anything.

Prepare a presentation (with speaker notes/speech script) of 5-6 minutes to discuss the general characteristics of your five studies. Cover the following items for each study: discuss the general characteristics including the overall purpose, description of the study population/sample, research design, and implications of the research.  Remember to include citations on your slides.

Below is the Research Proposal Outline for the study:

———————————————-Outline of Proposal——————————————-

Research Question

How do psychosocial considerations compare with physical factors in predicting exposure to the sick building syndrome in contemporary work settings?

Research Background

Understanding the Sick Building Syndrome

Definition – The sick building syndrome (SBS) is a medical condition in which people in certain buildings suffer from symptoms of illness or feeling unwell (Miskulin, Matic, Benes, and Vlahovic 2014, 136). The available literature shows that SBS encompasses a multiplicity of symptoms, which include general symptoms (a headache, fatigue, feeling heavy-headed and difficulty concentrating), mucous symptoms (eye, throat and nose irritations or coughing), and dermal symptoms (face, hands or scalp) (Li et al. 2015, 1). The syndrome is caused by a multiplicity of factors, which include bad air quality in buildings, poor ventilation, asbestos-riddled buildings, and unfavorable workplace environments (Barmark 2015, 492). SBS often compromise the health and well-being of employees in workplace contexts, leading to poor health outcomes and reduced employee productivity.

The Justification for research – SBS forms a good research topic in environmental, health and safety contexts due to its capacity to affect employee and organizational outcomes, including triggering episodes of asthma and lung cancer (Tham, Wai, Wargocki, and Tan 2015, 36). According to these authors, SBS makes organizations lose their competitiveness as employees increasingly become unproductive due to sick leave and absenteeism. Consequently, there is an urgent need to look at some of the factors involved in the development and proliferation of SBS in contemporary work settings.

Understanding the Available Scholarship on SBS

Previous studies – SBS has been studied extensively in the recent past. One of the studies reported a positive association between the exposure to harmful psychosocial factors of the working environment and the incidence of SBS symptoms, highlighting this issue as a very important subject in the field of occupational medicine and health protection in the workplace (Miskulin et al. 2014, 136). In social determinants, one study found the aspects of educational level, country of origin, and employment status to be instrumental in predicting exposure to SBS (Barmark 2015, 490).

Research gap – No study has compared how physical and psychosocial factors contribute to the development of SBS in contemporary workplace environments.

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