Quality Indicators

For this discussion, review the following two resources from this unit’s Studies section: Core Measures. National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators. As you know, quality indicators are common measures that apply to most patients or disease-specific measures that convey the quality of clinical care for patients with specific diagnoses. Using standard quality indicators to measure and report outcomes helps ensure that medical facilities are providing safe, effective, patient-centered care. We use both qualitative and quantitative data to explore our success with health care delivery and outcome measures. Interprofessional teams need to use this information to define, develop, and implement quality processes. In this discussion, describe the quality indicators and specific data types used in your organization. Be sure to follow the requirements for initial postings found in the Faculty Expectations Message (FEM). Define quality outcomes in your organization. What have you learned from the specific quality indicators about your nursing practice and your role on an interprofessional team? How have quality indicators helped you identify areas for improvement as a provider and team member? Describe a decision you made based on quality indicators and how this affected the interprofessional team as a support system.

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