Field study project

your project will include a cover page, table of contents, informative text, labeled photos, graphics, maps, and a resource page. Students will also include a personal editorial regarding their experiences. Component specifics Check off the following components prior to submitting your project. Cover page: A cover page will include a title, a photo of you, your name, class, date, and instructure’s name. Table of contents: Organize your material and list the contents/pages.

Informative text:

At least 3 pages of accurate, detailed text is expected. Write as if your reader does not necessarily know the information and that you are in essence “explaining” the information to your reader. This allows for your writing to be as thorough as possible. Provide an introduction, body of work, and conclusion or summary. Include a personal editorial regarding your experiences, thoughts, insight, etc. You are encouraged to use headings and sub-heading to keep your text organized. Labeled photos: photos are to be included and provide visual support to your discussion. Include 2 photos of yourself in addition to the cover page photo, label every photo with a caption. No online photos

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