Politics of Economic Transformation

Paper, no more than 5 double-space pages, including exhibits What are the implications of the political economy of economic transformations for the leadership of either your organization, or Qatar, or a specialty topic decided with me 4 key concepts A) mpL – capital flows where mpL high relative to wages, labor flows to where mpL low relative to wages B) political, technological, legal changes enable more markets to be reached C) countries can change mpL (change comparative advantage) through government policies (China, Qatar, e.g.) D) attribution bias Historical periods classical trade 19th century to 1913 2) post-war trade with keynesian adjustment – 1947 to (roughly) 1973 3) era of MNCs – value chains and China (and other post-Soviet) shocks – 1990 to present 4) backlash to globalization – 2000 to the present 5) automation and globalization of services – present to ?

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