major ethical or leadership problem

Pretend that you are a research analyst working for a government agency and have been asked to identify the major ethical or leadership problem(s) presented in the assigned PBS Frontline segment. It might be a problem related to leadership or the apparent lack of leadership. It might be a problem associated with unethical conduct (or the appearance of unethical conduct) including breaking the law, cheating, stealing, corruption, truthfulness, dishonesty, discrimination, etc. or a combinations of problems. Generally, the PBS Frontline investigative segments have some public policy or public interest implication. Your mission, in viewing these segments, is to identify the major ethical issue(s) or the major leadership failure or triumph and then connect it to tidbits of advice and insights offered in the course textbooks and supplemental readings. In some of the segments, the connection may be less apparent; look past the surface issues to find what you believe to be the root issue or problem. Study the readings to gain a better understanding of how their insights explore and illuminate social relationships, structures, institutions, and human thought, beliefs and values systems. You have great leeway in this assignment; I am looking for your opinions of the problems/issues. However, your essays must connect specific events/themes/problems portrayed in the segments with specific insights offered in the readings. Of course, each segment may present a number of intrigues depicting the triumphs and failures of the human experience. Consequently, if you like, simply pick one character or theme that you think is most compelling and construct your review around that selection. The books and supplemental readings that have been assigned offer ample insights into ethical problems (e.g. stealing, greed, lying, cheating, injustice, tyranny, betrayal of personal trust, betrayal of the public trust, corruption, accepting gratuities, conspiracies, conspiracies of silence, etc.) or failures of leadership associated with agencies of the criminal justice system, public policy, or private enterprise. I know the first assignment may be challenging because you will only have a short period to study each of the four books and the supplemental readings. However, I think you will have an epiphany (a sudden intuitive leap of understanding) and discover there are many passages in the readings that offer insights to the underlying ethical or leadership dilemmas depicted in the Frontline segments. Constructing the Review Essay Please structure your essays in the following format (use Section Headers): 1. Title Page (include your name and the name of the PBS segment) 2. Summary Briefly summarize the segment. Your summary should not exceed one page. Connect the Segment to Your Readings (a.) In the first sentence or so of this section, identify what you believe to be the underlying moral theme(s) or antagonism of the segment. See suggestions listed below (Read Kidder, 2003): Stealing vs. Honesty Greed vs. Moderation Lying vs. Truthfulness Cheating vs. Faithfulness Injustice vs. Justice Tyranny vs. Freedom Betrayal vs. Trust Corruption vs. Honesty Leadership vs. Neglect of duty Valor vs. Dishonor Etc.

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