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Description Select a real business, government, educational, or non-profit organization. Contact the organization directly, make an appointment, and review its current information system architecture, be it manual and/or computer-based. In consultation with the organization, clearly identify at most three threats/opportunities for the organization that can be addressed/exploited by some type of computer-based information system. Identity at least three realistic information systems that you feel will sufficiently address these threat(s)/opportunity(ies). Prioritize your solutions, justify each with respect to benefits, costs, feasibility, implementation, and so on, and make a clear recommendation for a particular information system. Bear in mind the managerial, organizational as well as technological issues. Your report should be of a professional style and compelling without grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. You are “making a business case” and therefore, your report should be concise, complete, and clear. Include a title page, table of contents, page numbers, section headings, and whenever appropriate, figures and diagrams.

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