AOD 5403 Facilitating Adult Learning

Question # 2:   Beyond Individual Courses:  Seeing Conceptual and Practice Links Across AOD Course Material


     During the AOD program you took a series of separate courses over a 2-3 year period.

     Although each of the courses stand alone in the program, the material covered across the A0D

     courses have important connections and links at the conceptual and practice levels.

     As you end the program it is important to take time to make these links explicit and

     and to see how views, information and insights from your courses are inter-related and



     You will be assigned one of the four core courses in the program. These courses are: AOD

     5403 Facilitating Adult Learning; AOD 5401 Systems Dynamics;  AOD 5402

     Communication and Conflict; AOD 5404 Organizational Communication.

     You will then choose one of the AOD elective courses and discuss  how the course material

      in the core course serves as a foundation for the material covered in the elective course.

      How do the concepts in the core course help to understand and apply the material in

      the elective course you chose?  How do the concepts and insights in the core course

      contribute to the insights from the elective AOD course?




Evaluation Criteria


Understanding of AOD Course Material — Do your answers reflect an in-depth grasp of the AOD course material — including theories, concepts, skills and applications?   Do you draw on a varied set of specific ideas that were central to the coursework in the AOD masters program?

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