(SOLVED) Appendix D: Eight Dimensions of Patient-Centered Care I

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Appendix D: Eight Dimensions of Patient-Centered Care I

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Ans: Patient-centered care will help to overcome the unnecessary procedures, honors patient preferences, and improves patient health. Patient-centered care is also known as personalized care. The eight dimensions of patient-centered care originally applied to hospital-based care, they could apply equally to care in the ambulatory setting, these dimensions are:

1) Respect for the patient's values, preferences, and expressed needs; this is the most important point must be considered.

2) Information and education; the authenticity must be there to overcome the unnecessary spread of false information.

3) Access to care;

4) Emotional support to relieve fear and anxiety;

5) Involvement of family and friends;

6) Continuity and secure transition between health care settings;

7) Physical comfort; it will help to give internal satisfaction to the patients.

8) Coordination of care, the whole team work together to get good results, related to patient health.