(SOLVED) Impact of Romantic Facebook “Crush Pages” on the Egyptian Youth

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Impact of Romantic Facebook “Crush Pages” on the Egyptian Youth

            Social media trends are the forefront of online social interaction.  Within these trends, the romantic craze charms the Egyptian youth.  These Facebook crush pages appeared locally over the course of the last few years among the youth, this is where they express a new aspect of online social interaction that has raised red flags with some adults. These pages are thought to be the “new healthy way to pour one’s hearts out”.   Done anonymously in a so-called conservative society, concern points to the following: to which extent does Facebook users utilize this for romance, do the characteristics and social context reflect in the user’s perceptions of romantic relationships, and the implications of being in a romantic relationship on Facebook including practices that may pose a state of moral panic or public concern (Saleh, 2020). As this continues to be a growing online social interaction, the knowledge and research has yet to reveal  the depth of potential entanglements of these romantic online relationships.

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